Telephone Conversation with Fred






Conversation this morning with an old family friend called Fred who is having a large garage built onto his house. 

‘Morning, Fred, how’s the work going?’ 

‘It’s not at the moment, everything has come to a grinding halt.’ 

‘Oh, sorry to hear that, pal, what’s gone wrong?’ 

‘Owww, they’ve dragged the builder off to court.’

‘That’s bad news, what’s the plan now?’ 

‘No plan, just a delay, a long one by the look of it.’ 

‘What’s he bein’ done for?’ 

‘What are you talking about?’ 

‘What’s he up in court for, what’s he done?’ 

‘He hasn’t done anything, you evil minded ba*****, he’s on jury service! 

‘Come on, it’s a reasonable assumption, if he’s a friend of yours he’s bound to be bent, a little iffy, a bit off the straight and narrow.’ 



‘Weather’s not too good, Fred, d’ya think we’ll have rain…


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